Do Papillons Dream?

Have you ever wondered if dogs like the Papillon dream? You’ve probably seen your pup wagging his tail, moving his legs, and even barking or whimpering in his sleep. These are pretty good indications that your pup is probably dreaming. Research shows that dogs, like people, often relive their day or certain events in their life through their dream. They may dream of taking their favorite walk again or chasing the neighborhood cat. It’s a common occurrence in animals. Likewise, your Papillon or other canine companion may also have nightmares. You may notice him breathing rapidly in his sleep, moving his legs as if running, or even crying out. He may even wake up with a start. This could be a sign that your pup wasn’t reliving a not so nice memory. If your concerned about your dog’s sleeping habits and dreams, give a call to your Greensboro, NC veterinary clinic.


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