Managing Your Cat’s Kneading

As a kitten, your cat kneaded her mother to stimulate milk while nursing. It is easy to so that she is transferring this nurturing position to you when she kneads you. She will also knead you to mark you as her own using scent from glands in her feet. Thus kneading is all above showing you her love and adoration even if it really hurts when your cat’s nails dig into your skin. Trim your cat’s nails often to limit the damage she can do when she kneads you. Short nails will also minimize destructive and inappropriate scratching. Never yell at your cat or punish her when she kneads but don’t be afraid to slip a small pillow or blanket between her claws and your lap. Pet and cuddle your kitty as she kneads you and enjoy her ubiquitous purring. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Des Moines, IA.


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