Safety Tips When Using Hamster Balls

Hamster balls are commonly used to provide pet hamsters opportunities for physical and mental stimulation. These balls are translucent and designed to be 2 separate halves that can be screwed together. A hamster can get inside the ball and when it runs, it causes the ball to roll. While this can be a fun way for hamsters to play and exercise, improper use of hamster balls can be hazardous to pet safety.Here are some precautionary measures to observe to prevent unfortunate incidents:

Hamster balls come in various sizes, choose the right size for your pet. Be sure that the hamster has plenty of place to run and stretch out his body. 

Only one hamster should be inside the ball at once. Two or more hamsters inside the ball can end in fights or injury when they collide.

Dark-colored hamster balls tend to trap more heat compared to light-colored ones. Choose a light-colored one to prevent hamsters from potential overheating. Also, you can easily see your pet while he is inside the ball.

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should be checked out by a vet clinic Savannah, GA.


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