What To Do When Your Pet Got Skunked

Being skunked is never a nice situation to be in. If your pet gets sprayed on by a skunk, you have to make sure the animal does not have any wounds from being scratched. But if you do find that your pet was scratched by the skunk, it is best to call your vet clinic immediately to check if your pet’s rabies shot is up-to-date. Some skunks are infected by rabies so you must take the necessary precautions. Remember that rabies is fatal!

It is often the nose and eyes of cats and dogs that often get blasted. The skunk spray is extremely painful to the eyes. Use some baby wipes or a moist cloth to gently wipe these areas. But if your pet’s eyes remain extra red or is tearing excessively, an immediate visit to your animal hospital Savannah, GA should be made.


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