Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Chocolate is toxic for dogs. Chocolate is also toxic for cats. As a general rule of thumb, do not feed your cat chocolate. Avoid leaving chocolate around for your cat to get a hold of. Chocolate may be a sweet treat for people, but it’s toxic for most animals. Watch out for any kind of foods that are flavored with chocolate or are primarily made of chocolate. Chocolate contain caffeine and theobromine which are harmful to cats especially in large doses. Both of these chemicals can stimulate the heart and nervous system of a cat. The greater the amount ingested, the greater the affect on the body. Dark chocolate, which is thought to be healthier for people, is actually more dangerous to cats than regular chocolate. Your vet clinic East Dallas, TX can tell you that common signs of chocolate poisoning include increased thirst, discomfort of the abdomen, agitation, muscle tremors, high temperatures, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and even death. 


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