A Dog's Paw Health

Did you know that dogs can get a callous on the bottom of their paw pad? It’s a lot like when people get a callous or corn or even a blister on the bottom of their feet or toes. If you’ve ever had one then you know how difficult and painful it makes walking. Imagine how it affects your dog! If you notice any kind of growth like a hard skin covering on your dog’s paw, call your vet to have him take a look. Corns or a callous typically shows up on the digital, metacarpal or metatarsal paw pads of dogs. Symptoms may include your dog refusing to apply pressure to the foot when walking, whimpering due to pain, excessive nail growth on the paw that’s not being used as much, etc. Call your Marietta, GA vet clinic and schedule a paw and paw pad exam. Or visit this link:


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