Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

Did you know that cats can become dehydrated in the winter as well as the summer? No matter what time of the year it is, make sure your cat has access to fresh water indoors and outdoors. If your cat likes to roam all over the house, place a water bowl in different rooms (at least two rooms) or on different levels if you have a multi-story home. Different water locations outside is recommended as well. Keep a fresh bowl of water inside a shaded or enclosed area as well as out in the open. During the summer, refresh it often so it stays cool. In the winter, check it often in case it freezes. In addition, consider adding a wet food to your cat’s diet. Wet food has a lot of moisture and can help with the hydration especially if your cat is not a big drinker. Ask your veterinarian Marietta, GA for more ideas.


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