My Cat is Constantly Meowing

Some cats are more talkative than others. For instance, the Siamese cat is one of the more vocal of cat breeds. That meow constantly because they like to hear themselves and they most likely think you can understand them. They meow to eat, to play, to snuggle, to go out, etc. If your cat tends to meow in this sort of pattern then you probably have a very vocal cat. However, if your cat is not very vocal and all of the sudden can’t be quiet and won’t stop meowing then you should notify your vet. Y our cat may be in pain or discomfort. Your cat may also be tired, lonely, anxious, depressed, or feeling hungry and thirsty even though he just ate and drank. All of these are things to discuss with your vet. Your cat may need a full checkup to determine any underlying illness. Consult with your vet Marietta, GA for more information. 


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