Tooth Loss in Senior Canines

If you had your dog when he was a puppy you may remember him losing his puppy teeth. Dogs are born with around 28 teeth that they lose between eight and twelve weeks of age. Now that your canine is a senior, did you know that he will start losing his teeth again? Unlike when he was younger, the teeth in seniors will not grow back. They will also not fall out as often as they did at the puppy stage. Seniors often lose their teeth due to tooth decay or infection. In many cases it’s vet that pulls the teeth during a dental cleaning. Occasionally though the tooth will pop out on its own. If this does happen, give your vet a call. You may need to schedule an exam for your vet to take a look at the tooth and the area where it came out. Your dog may need a round of antibiotics. Talk to your vet clinic Brandon, FL for details.


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