Secondhand Smoke and Your Cat

The dangers of secondhand smoke in humans is well known but this health hazard can be even more dangerous to your cat. Secondhand smoke is so dangerous because your cat is exposed to it all day and all night if she lives in a home where there is smoking. In addition to breathing in the smoke, she will also absorb smoking toxins through her feet and other parts of her body as she touches surfaces where smoke has settled. And she can ingest toxins as she grooms herself or companion cats. Thus the best thing for your cat is to make your home smoke-free. If this is just not possible, air out your home often. Clean all surfaces often and wash cloth items especially your cat’s bed and her favorite places to hang out. Cover her food and water bowls when there is smoke in the air and empty ashtrays promptly. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Norwalk, CA.


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