Is Clay Litter Safe For Cats?

Clay litter has gained popularity among cat owners because of concerns raised against dusty litters. With their grooming habits, cats can ingest the dust that accumulate on their hair coat and paws after using the litter box. Clay litter is also favored for its ability to efficiently absorb urine. It is available in clumping or non-clumping variety. The clumping variety makes it easier to scoop up the waste. Because of its consistency, clay litter has little or no dust at all, thus eliminating the concern of dust inhalation. However, the ‘green advocates’ campaign against using clay litter because it is not biodegradable, which means it is not environmental-friendly. They recommend the use of more natural and biodegradable forms of cat litter. 

Frequent potty accidents can possibly be caused by an underlying health issue that must be checked out by a vets Fort Collins, CO. 


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