Training Your Mouse to Stand Up and Beg

Your pet mouse can be trained to do a number of fun tricks such as training your mouse to stand up and beg. Before training, ensure that your mouse is comfortable with you. Sit by his enclosure and sing or talk to him softly. Drape your hand inside to explore. Try hand feeding him. You will need to use a food treat to lure your mouse into standing up and begging. Unsweetened oat loop cereal make good training treats. Put your mouse on a confined surface outside his enclosure. Hold the treat in front of your mouse to get his attention. Raise the treat up and over your mouse’s head so he needs to stand up on his hind legs. Say the UP command and give him the treat. Over time delay giving him the treat so he appears to be begging for it. Keep training sessions short and fun. For more information, contact your Las Vegas, NV veterinarian. Or visit this link:


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