What your cat enjoys during playtime

You have a cat in your life who needs to be able to play in order to enjoy herself in your care. What does she look forward to during playtime?

Playing is an important part of your pet’s day, as this is how she will be able to really make the most of her time in your care. This means that your little fur ball will need to be able to get some exercise during this time in addition to having some fun. She will likely utilize this time to enhance her hunting skills as well, like running and chasing after prey to pounce on. Having toys on hand that can allow her to do this can be very helpful. She will also use playtime as an opportunity to socialize, so make sure you are ready to play when she is up and going. Your Roanoke, VA vet can help you offer your pet a wonderful place to call home. Visit their profile for more information and advice.


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