DJD in Rabbits

If you own a pet rabbit that has mobility issues then you should set up an exam with your vet. There are numerous types of mobility related illnesses, diseases, and health conditions that can affect rabbits. One of the more serious ones is DJD or Degenerative Joint Disease. This illness may also go by the term Osteoarthritis. It is a chronic condition that deals with the cartilage that surrounds the joints. The condition actually causes that cartilage to deteriorate over time. Unlike arthritis, the joints are just inflamed, but they eventually breakdown and are no longer over long periods of time. Some rabbits may develop this at an early age, but it is more often seen in seniors. Just remember, even though your rabbit has trouble moving about, it doesn’t mean he has DJD. Your Cy-Fair veterinarian will need to examine your rabbit to make a diagnosis. Visit this website Fairfield Animal Hospital for additional details. 


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