Problems Faced By Hairless Cats

Some feline breeds possess an extremely rare trait of being hairless. These hairless breeds are, however, not without issues as they have to deal with environmental factors without the protective covering of a hair coat. These means maintaining their core body temperature can be quite difficult. In order to compensate, their bodies evolved to have a higher metabolic rate to keep their body warm. In order to keep up with their high metabolic rate, these cats benefit from eating above average quantities of premium quality pet food. Their diet should be able to meet their daily demands for energy so they can generate body heat. Without a hair coat to protect them from the elements, these cats need to remain indoors to prevent sunburn and freezing during extreme weather conditions. They are also highly vulnerable to insect bites. 

Hairless cats are prone to certain health issues, thus, they will benefit from regular health checks at a vet clinic Bolingbrook, IL. Visit website for additional information.


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