A Cat in High Demand

Did you know that the American Bobtail is considered to be a very popular cat that is in high demand across the country? This cat is a favorite because of his laid back personality, easy go lucky attitude with children of all ages, his affection, loyalty, and of course that ever cute uniquely bobbed tail. That’s right the American Bobtail received his name because of his naturally bobbed or even missing tail. It’s a genetic mutation that set this cat apart from the rest. Most cats of this breed will grow a tail between one and four inches long but it’s not uncommon for the tail to be all but missing as well. In addition to the tail, the cat is known for its colors, color patterns, and hair length. The American Bobtail is also an easy keeper which makes him a hit with families as well. For more information, ask your vet Cy-Fair.


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