Dairy Goats for the Backyard Farm

Backyard farming and regular farming covers a lot of areas from growing crops to raising goats. Here’s some information on dairy goats for the backyard farm. One interesting fact to start with is that chickens and goats are among the top animals owned on small or backyard farms. Did you know that goats can make great pets? Not only are they company for you, but they can also be company for your other backyard animals. In addition, dairy goats can produce milk, meat or even fiber for weaving. Choosing a dairy goat will provide a great source of milk for your family. Other breeds recommended for the small or backyard farm include the Nubian, the Alpine, the LaMancha, the Saanan, and the Nigerian Dwarf goat. Not sure which goat is right for you? No problem. Just give your vet Westminster, MD a call and ask for assistance.


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