Choosing the Right Feed for Your Alpacas

Are you raising alpacas on your farm? That’s great. Alpacas and llamas both are quickly becoming popular backyard, small farm, and regular farm pets. If you’ve just brought your alpaca home you may want to give your vet a call to set up a first time visit. At the visit you can ask for help on what to feed your alpaca. You can also ask your local food and grain store associate. There are generally quite a few commercial foods available. You will need to read the ingredients and find the best fit for your alpaca. Again, your vet can help you determine what ingredients are a must have in the alpaca food. He can also help you determine how much to feed your alpaca. In addition, most experts recommend lots of access to grass or hay for alpacas. Grass provides the main course while a grain provides extra vitamins. Talk to your veterinarian Mt. Airy, MD to learn more.


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