Do Pregnant Canines Need Prenatal Vitamins?

Your vet can tell you that while most pregnant dogs do not need a prenatal vitamin, they do need prenatal care. If you think your dog is pregnant, call your vet to schedule a checkup. Once pregnancy is confirmed, make additional appointments as recommended by your vet to ensure your dog stays on a healthy pregnancy track. Extra care is usually all that is needed for pregnancy. Extra vitamins or nutrients are not generally required unless your dog has a deficiency which is most likely not related to the pregnancy. Ways you can help your pup prepare for delivery is to provide continuous care throughout the pregnancy. Keep your dog comfortable, watch her diet and water intake, and call your vet if there’s anything out of the ordinary going on. Exercise your dog but also make sure she gets lots of rest. Have a plan in place with your vet Riverbend, ON once your dog starts to go into labor. In order to know more, click here.


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