Home Remedies to Try If Your Dog Has Fleas

Fleas are the worst! You can bet that your dog doesn’t want them, and you know your family doesn’t want to have to deal with them, but that doesn’t mean you want to have to deal with all the harmful chemicals found in traditional flea medications. Here are a few home remedies you can try instead.

Did you know you can make your cat his own flea collar? Simply dip his collar in a mixture of one teaspoon of unflavored vodka with one drop of cedarwood essential oil. Just dip the collar in the mixture once a week.

Try spritzing your cat's coat with half unfiltered apple cider vinegar and half water. You can also try adding a few tablespoons to your pet's drinking water.

Looking for more natural home remedy ideas? Click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinarians North Phoenix, AZ.


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