Snake Tongues

Snakes can be intimidating pets. They slither around and hold their head up as if they’re about to strike. Their hissing can send shivers up your spine. Yet, many people enjoy owning snakes as pets. They find snakes captivating and intriguing. One unique characteristic about snakes is their tongue. Snakes have forked tongues and often stick them out when they hiss. Looking directly into the mouth you can see the forked ends of the tongue. The rest of the tongue is tucked in a sheath in the lower jaw. When the snake hisses or sticks out his tongue he can do so without opening his mouth. The forks of the tongue are used to pull in chemicals from the environment and send them to vomeronasal organs in the mouth which helps the snake identify prey or predators in the area. Talk with your Louisville, CO veterinary clinic.


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