Did You Know? Facts about the Basenji

If you’re looking for a unique breed that has some pretty old roots then the Basenji may be the one you’re looking for. This breed can be traced back to ancient Egypt through archeological finds of drawings showing the dog in daily Egyptian life. The breed is still popular in Central Africa among the Pygmies as they tend to still use the breed to chase down wild prey. The Basenji is a cat like canine who loves to stalk his prey and gets a thrill for the hunt. He likes to self groom, prowl around, and act independently like his fellow feline. In addition, the Basenji has more of a yodel sound rather than a bark making his a quiet canines suitable for apartment living. Although the breed is highly intelligent it can have its aloof moments making him somewhat difficult to train at times. Patience is key. For more details, call your veterinarians Riverbend, ON


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