Pyometra In Cats And Dogs

Pyometra is a condition that is characterized by the presence of pus (pyo) in the uterus (metrum). An on-going infection inside the uterus lead to the formation and accumulation of pus. Since the infection only occurs in the uterus, female dogs and cats that have been spayed are free from the problem; it only affects female dogs and cats that have not been spayed thus their uterus is still intact. Pyometra is more common among female dogs compared to female cats. The risk has also been observed to increase with age. Take note that pyometra can occur without regard to whether the animal has been mated or what period of the heat cycle she is in. 

The hormonal and structural changes in the uterine lining during puberty creates a favorable environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria, usually E. coli that ascend into the uterus from the vagina. 

If your female pet has not been spayed yet, talk to your veterinarian Washington DC about any concerns or issues you may have about the procedure. Read more here.


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