Food Allergies In Pets

Food allergies can be triggered when a cat or dog is allergic to a specific component in their diet. The most common allergens in pet food inlcude corn, chicken, beef, pork, wheat, or soy. If your veterinarian suspects food allergy as the underlying cause of your pet’s skin problems, your pet will be placed on an elimination diet or switched to a new diet. The new diet will not have the same ingredients that are present in the pet’s previous diet. However, this is easier said than done. The process is quite long and will require a lot of patience. The hypersensitive pet will have to be placed on the diet for 10-16 weeks before any results can be seen. In case the itching stops by the end of the trial period, then it is confirmed as a food allergy and continued on the diet that does not contain the allergen. Work with your vets Washington DC in managing your pet’s allergy symptoms. 


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