Tail Problems In Dogs

Problems affecting the tail of dogs is not really that common but these are concerning that pet owners should know about. Tail problems can be a challenge to treat and dogs won’t tolerate having a bandage on their tail, not to mention that the tail is already hard enough to bandage. Some of the common tail problems in dogs include:

Dogs bites

It is often the tail that gets injured when a dog is trying to escape from another dog. When this happens, trauma could occur on the base of the tail or in any part of the tail. 

Skin infections

These include secondary bacterial infections from untreated cuts and scrapes or allergies that cause dogs to chew and scratch at their itchy tail. The skin of the tail is quite taught and when then there is an open wound, it can be difficult to get it healed.


A dog’s tail can also get sprained, too. Overuse is the main cause of tail sprains in dogs. This is quite common among dogs that use their tail during swimming like Labrador retrievers. The problem is brought about by the fatigue of the muscles, small joints and ligaments, causing the tail to become flaccid. 

Any problem involving the dog’s tail should be checked out by a vet Cherry Hill, NJ.


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