Tips To Prevent Whipworm Infestation In Dogs

The main route of infection of whipworms is by ingestion of food or water that has been contaminated by the fecal material that contains the eggs of the parasite. Since the parasite eggs remain infective in the environment for quite a long time (about 5 years), dog parks and your own backyard can be potential sources of whipworm infection. Some important tips to protect your dog against infection include—

  • frequent removal and proper disposal of stools from your yard
  • replace dirt runs with a concrete one
  • disinfect areas where your dog stays frequently using household bleach
  • if you have a gravel run, a periodic change in the gravel can get rid of parasite eggs which are present
  • as much as possible, avoid bringing your dog to areas which are frequented by other dogs such as dog parks and boarding kennels
  • routine stool examination and regular deworming 

Bring your pet to your animal hospital Forest Hill, MD for regular wellness visits. These are excellent opportunities to examine your pet for intestinal parasites.


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