Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Grass-eating is a behavior that is observed in some dogs, both healthy and ill. The most common reason is that when dogs have an upset stomach, the sharp blades of the grass pose as irritants of the upper digestive tract and triggers vomiting. More often than not, these dogs swallow the grass without chewing it. 

Some dogs graze because they just like the taste of grass. Take note that dogs are not discriminating when it comes to their food habits. Even with domestication, their scavenging habits are still quite strong. Dogs are actually omnivores, and grass can be a source of some essential nutrients. It is also an excellent source of fiber which can enhance the elimination process. 

The main concern associated with grass-eating behavior in dogs is that the grass may contain pesticides or herbicides. Thus, it’s important to limit your dog’s grass-chowing habits to a chemical-free lawn. 

If you notice that your pet is not feeling well after grazing on grass, you should bring your pet to your vet clinic Louisville, CO


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