Tips For Controlling Pica In Pets

Pica is a habit of eating things that are not considered as edible. It is a behavior that is displayed by many pets. Unfortunately, it can have medical, physical, and psychological effects not only on pets but also on pet owners. The first step to addressing the problem is to identify what is causing your pet to behave this way. If boredom is an important underlying cause, start providing lots of opportunities for your pet to derive enough physical and mental stimulation. Stress can also be an important predisposing factor of pica in pets. Identifying the stressor and removing it from your pet’s environment is important to control or eliminate the behavior. It is also very important that you don’t reinforce your pet’s pica behavior in any way, negative or positive. This simply means not giving any attention to your pet if you catch him in the act. Scolding or shouting at your pet is reinforcement enough for him to continue engaging in the habit. Removing objects that your pet likes to eat is also one way to curtailing the problem. For objects that can’t be moved, like furniture or carpet, there are special deterrent sprays that you can apply on these objects. Ask your White Rock, TX vet clinic about it. 


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