Worms In Kittens

Did you know that most kittens are already carrying worms when born? Yes, they can get infected by their mother even if they are still in the womb. This is one important reason why kittens have to be given medication that kills worms (dewormer) several times during the first few months of life. There are many types of worms that can affects cats. These include roundworms (which is the most common), hookworm, and tapeworms. If your pet has a heavy parasite load, worms can be usually seen in the vomitus or poop. This is generally true about roundworms. But there are species of worms that are not so visible. This is one important reason why your veterinarian usually performs a stool examination during your pet’s wellness check. The importance of having a preventive health program that will protect your pet against external and internal parasites cannot be overemphasized. Ask your veterinarian Glendale, AZ about it. Or schedule an appointment today!


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