Hip Dysplasia And Other Hereditary Problems In Dogs

Owning a pedigree does not come without important responsibilities. One of these important tasks that should be undertaken includes genetic testing for your dog’s breed. Large dog breeds and medium-sized dogs are prone to Hip Dysplasia. It is an inherited disease that can predispose osteoarthritis and lameness. Congenital diseases of the heart include aortic stenosis, mitral valve disease, and tricuspid valve dysplasia. Important hereditary disorders of the endocrine system include Diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidisim. In order to effectively keep the proliferation of genetic diseases in check, breeders and dog owners play a big role in ensuring that the health of pedigree and non-pedigree dogs should be strictly monitored and regularly checked for this is the best and only way to preserve the health of future generations. For prospective dog owners, you can also play a major role in combating the spread of important hereditary disease conditions by refusing to purchase puppies from amateur breeders and puppy mills. Your best veterinarians Forest Hill, MD is also an important source of information about this concern.


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