Family Dogs: Australian Shepherd

Looking for a fun loving, energetic, affectionate and loyal family dog? Check out the Australian Shepherd also known as the Aussie. This unique dog is well known for his even temperament, devotion, loyalty, affection, and ease of training. The breed is highly intelligent and has a heart to please making it fairly easy to train. They get along with children of all ages; although, supervision should always be provided with young children due to the Aussie’s instinct to herd. The Aussie is a working dog that knows how to herd cattle and other livestock and may mistakenly herd a small child. This can be trained out with time. The Aussie is very energetic and loves sports like agility and other competitions. He needs at least two hours of exercise a day although it doesn’t have to be at one time. Talk with your Thorold, ON vet for more details.


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