Cleaning a Dog’s Urine Stain on the Carpet

Does your dog have the habit of urinating on your favorite rug or carpet? Perhaps buying machine washable rugs is the best route so you can simply toss it in the washing machine. However, if that’s not possible, here’s how to remove the stain and odor. Place a potty pad under the carpet or rug where the stain is (if possible). Place a potty pad on top of the stain on the carpet. Walk on the potty pad to apply pressure and pick up any leftover urine that has not soaked in or dried. Remove the potty pads. Use a dog or pet carpet cleaning spray to treat the stain. If you don’t use a stain remover with pets in mind then you may not get rid of the smell that accompanies the stain. Apply the cleaner, dab at it with a cloth and allow it to dry. Your experienced veterinarians Burlington ON may have more tips.


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