Hair Loss in Rabbits

Rabbits can start to lose their hair or cat as they age. If the rabbit is losing his coat, give him a few weeks to see if he naturally grows the hair back again. Healthy rabbits tend to grow the hair in or the new coat in pretty quickly. If the hair doesn’t grow back in then contact your vet. You should note the time of the shedding and mark it down to refer to later. This could be your cat’s typical shedding season which you will realize is quite normal next year when it happens. Tracking the shedding can also tell you if your cat is excessively shedding or shedding a little bit. If your rabbit doesn’t start growing his coat back shortly after shedding out, give your vet a call and schedule a wellness exam so your rabbit can be checked out and the excessive shedding can be controlled. Consult with your Aurora, CO veterinarian. Or make an appointment at this website Aspen Commons Animal Hospital.


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