Does My Cockatiel Need a Vet?

In short, yes, your cockatiel and any other pet bird you may own needs to have a vet. If you’ve just recently brought a new bird into your home, call your vet to schedule a first-time visit. It’s a good idea to have your vet examine your bird and check for any signs of illness or injury in case the bird needs to be returned to the store or seller. Your vet can also make a medical chart for your bird and start a medical history. This can save time should you have to bring your bird in for an emergency visit. In addition, although birds do not need routine vaccinations like dogs and cats, it’s always good to have the bird receive a wellness checkup yearly in case any vaccines of come about and are required. Never be afraid to talk to your animal hospital Oshawa, ON team about your cockatiel’s health.


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