Pet Rabbits Care Tips

Do you know that rabbits are the third most relinquished pets in the US after cats and dogs? Most are turned over to animal shelters because the owner may have lost interest or gone off to college. Other owners intentionally set their pet rabbits loose in parks and other places. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits don’t need to undergo obedience training or taken on walks. However, this does not mean they are low-maintenance pets. They thrive with proper care and adequate socialization, without which they can become ill, destructive, or depressed. Their personalities eventually shine when their needs are adequately met by their owners. Rabbits are social creatures however they are very territorial. Introducing a new bunny to a resident bunny can be a challenge and will take time, patience, and effort. Being prey animals, rabbits need to be approached carefully. Many hate being picked up but they do enjoy being petted and cuddled.  For more information about your pet’s needs visit your veterinarian Portage, MI.


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