Heartworm In Cats

Heartworm disease in cats is distinctly different from that of dogs, even though the problem is caused by the same parasite, Dirofilaria immitis. In cats, the most common symptom of heartworm disease is an asthma-like condition and/or long-term vomiting. Affected cats may appear to be coughing, breathing rapidly or engaged in open-mouth breathing, lethargic, and may exhibit cyanosis (the gums may appear to have a bluish tinge). However, there are also infected cats that don’t show any signs of the problem; there are the asymptomatic or subclinical cases of heartworm disease. These cases may eventually develop asthma, vomiting, or even sudden death. There are also instances when there is sudden death of an infected cat without any warning sign at all. Since symptoms can also be present in feline heart disease, your pet clinic Oconomowoc, WI will have to perform several tests to rule out other health issues. 


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