Parrots and Their Curved Bills

Does your parrot have a curved bill or beak? Most parrots have this unique characteristic. Why? The shape of the bill or beak helps the parrot in his natural habitat. The curved bills are designed to help the parrot eat and to crawl up trees. In the wile, parrots tend to climb or craw up trees to find food and to stay away from predators. They stick their bill into the tree and the curve serves as a hook providing a secure hold for the parrot to climb. For this reason, be careful when holding onto your parrot. He may latch on with his claws, but if he feels threatened or unstable he may latch on with his beak to provide balance. The beak is sharp and can hurt when he does this. In addition to hanging on, the curved bill helps the bird eat. Talk to your Tipp City, OH vet to learn more. Click here.


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