Fun Facts about the Australian Shepherd

Interested in bringing home an Australian Shepherd (a.k.a Aussie)? If so, here are a few fun facts about this beautiful canine breed. The Australian Shepherd is said to have originated in Europe and not Australia as some may believe. From there the breed made its way to Australia and then on to the U.S. In Australia the dog spent its time herding cattle, sheep and other livestock. They were brought to the U.S. as working dogs where they picked up the title of Australia Shepherd. They were nicknamed the Aussie around this time along with another nickname of ‘Ghost Eye.’ The latter nickname came from the different color patterns that often appear in the Aussie’s eyes. From blue to brown and even a little amber, the Aussie’s eyes are unique in color and can even have split color swirls. For more details about this unique breed, give your Des Moines, IA vet a call.


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