Best Physical Characteristics of the Aegean Cat

If you are familiar with the Aegean cat then you probably are familiar with its unique character traits and physical appearances. The Aegean is traced to the island of Cyprus more than 10,000 years ago. He is known for his beautiful coat colorings, muscular and sleek build, slim body, and almond shaped eyes with green coloring. The coat colors tend to come in two or three color patterns with a common underlying color tone. The coat is usually a medium or long length in the winter months and short in the summer. The Aegean sheds out in the spring and summer, but rarely sheds the rest of the year. In addition to the coat colorings and almond shaped eyes, the Aegean has rounded paws that aid in catching favorite treats like fresh fish. You Los Gatos, CA vet can tell you more about the breed. Click here.


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