How to Tell if your Rabbit has a Fever

If your rabbit looks like he isn’t feeling well then keep an extra eye on him to find out if he’s eating or drinking. Look at his poop and urine spots to see if he’s going to the bathroom regularly. Check your rabbit for signs of fever by feeling his coat, face, and ears. You should do this often so you know what he feels like at normal temperature that way you’ll know right away if he feels different to the touch. You can take your rabbit’s temperature to see if there’s a fever. Average temperature should be between 101.3 and 104. Anything higher than that and especially higher than 106 needs immediate attention from your vet. Other signs of fever may include sleeping a lot, panting or heavy breathing, lack of mobility, and refusal to eat or drink. Always call your Savannah, GA veterinarian if you think your rabbit is sick. Learn more here.


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