Crate Training In Dogs

Even with domestication, a dog’s denning instincts are still quite strong. For canines, a den is a place to rest and seek refuge. The crate is a useful tool during housetraining because dogs don’t soil their den. Spending time in the crate in between trips to the designated potty area in the yard can help hasten the housetraining process because it teaches them to hold it until they are brought to the potty area. The success of crate training is based on how a dog views the crate. You have to take steps to make the crate inviting and comfortable. To pique his interest, toss a favorite toy or treat inside the crate. It is important for a dog to associate his crate with positive experiences. Always be quick to offer rewards for going in and staying inside while you keep the crate closed. Bring your pet to your vet clinic Portage, MI for regular wellness checks. For more details click here-


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