How Often to Take Your Cat to the Vet

If you have had your cat for some time then he’s probably already on a routine or yearly vet visit cycle. This is great as your cat should have a routine checkup and receive updated vaccinations once a year. If your cat is fairly young, you may be making several appointments with your vet in order to have your cat vaccinated with all of the first time core vaccines. These often come in rounds so additional follow up visits may be needed. Another time to take your cat to the vet is when you schedule him/her to be spayed/neutered or when you schedule a teeth cleaning. Teeth cleanings are only needed once every six months to a year depending on your cat’s dental health. Besides routine visits, you can always schedule an appointment to have your cat’s nails trimmed. You should always contact your vet clinic Savannah, GA if your cat is sick, acting strangely or isn’t eating normally.


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