Risk Factors Of Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis is often an age-related problem. It is most common among middle-aged and elderly dogs. Large canine breeds are more prone to the problem compared to smaller dogs, however it can affect any breed of dog. The extra weight in overweight or obese dogs can put unnecessary stress on the weight-supporting bones of the body, thereby increasing the dog’s risk to deterioration of the joints and eventually arthritis. Certain genetic factors also play an important role in the development of arthritis in pets. Dogs with abnormal bone and joint development (such as those that occur in dysplasias) are also at risk of developing arthritis. Immune system problems and bacterial infections may also cause arthritis. There are also certain tick-borne diseases, like Lyme disease, in which arthritis involving multiple joints is a one of the prominent symptoms. 

There are a large number of treatment options that are available for managing arthritis symptoms in dogs. Talk to your veterinarian Seminole, FL about it.


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