Why Kidney Transplant Is Not A Viable Option In Cats With Kidney Failure

Although it is possible to perform kidney transplant procedures in cats, the procedure is not without its drawbacks. The surgical procedure is extremely complex and recovery is often long and difficult. Although successful transplants can add years to the life of some patients, there are cats that don’t survive the procedure. Kidney transplants in cats should be made by board-certified specialists and surgeons. And it is extremely expensive. Also, many cats diagnosed with kidney failure are not qualified to be candidates for kidney transplant because of advanced age or they are suffering from concurrent health issues. Cats that underwent successful kidney transplants must take immunosuppressive medications for the rest of their lives. There is also the issue of ethics concerning the use of cats as kidney donors. Many kidney donors usually come from shelters and cat owners whose pets have undergone kidney transplant are usually required to adopt the cat that donated (although involuntarily) a kidney. 

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