Getting the Most out of Pet Diapers

Does your four legged friend wear diapers? If so, you may find yourself going through a lot of disposable diapers at a huge cost. Here are some ways to get the most from a diaper whether it’s disposable or washable. Always use liners in the diapers. That will save the diaper for a second use (in most cases) and keep your pet feeling fresh and dry. You can avoid the expensive pet diaper liners by simply buying feminine panty liners. Make sure you buy the thin ones so your pet isn’t uncomfortable. If you’re using washable diapers liners can also be used to help keep your pet dry and extend the use of the diaper. With a liner, more liquid can be absorbed and your pet can stay in the diaper longer if necessary (i.e. you’re working long hours). Your animal hospital Salem, VA may recommend changing pet diapers or at least the liners frequently. Hit the website link for more details. 


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