Itching In Pets

Skin itching cause cats and dogs to lick and scratch at their skin. Excessive licking and scratching can eventually pave the way for secondary infection when the skin surface is broken and irritated. There may also be loss of hair, skin that is reddish and raw, scabs, bleeding, or even a foul skin odor. There are various causes of excessive itching in pets. These include flea infestation, allergies, skin infections or hotspots, trauma, a foreign object embedded in the skin, and ringworm and other types of fungal infections. Licking may also be an obsessive-compulsive behavior or caused by stress, boredom, or anxiety. 

A visit to your pet clinic Norwalk, CA can help establish the underlying cause of your pet’s excessive itching and licking so the proper treatment can be given. Click on the website link for more information. 


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