How Old is My Golden Retriever in Dog Years?

Did you know that dogs age at a much faster rate than people? Have you ever noticed that the vet or pet food guidelines may refer to a dog age 7 and older as a senior? That doesn’t sound like a very old age, but because dogs age faster than people the age of 7 can actually mean 49 in reality and that is an older age for dogs. Veterinarians and other animal experts have calculated over the years that you can multiply a dog’s age by 7 to find out its real age. Large dogs are believed to age faster than small dogs. For this reason a small dog’s age is multiplied by 5 and a large dog’s age is multiplied by 7. If your Golden Retriever is 9 years old in people years than he’s really 63 years old. Consult with your Riverbend, ON veterinarian to learn more. Schedule an appointment today!


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