Can Smoking Hurt Dogs?

Short answer is yes. Smoking can cause health issues in the same way that smoking can cause health issues for people. Second hand smoke is particularly dangerous for dogs. If you live in a home with a smoke, think about the times you’ve found the smell overpowering. What about the times you’ve started coughing or had trouble breathing because of the powerful smoke fumes and smell? Now picture your dog living in that same environment without the luxury of leaving the home for the day to go to work, etc. Being in a smoke filled environment for long periods of time can cause breathing issues, coughing, throat irritations, etc. Experts have even discovered risks for cancer, lymphoma, weight gain and skin and lung issues also increase for dogs in smoking environments. If possible, remove your dog from the smoking environment and speak to your vet Riverbend, ON to learn more about health risks for your dog.


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