Ringworm In Cats And Dogs

Ringworm is caused by a fungus. It got its name from the appearance of the distinct lesion that forms on the skin. It is zoonotic, meaning it can be spread from pets to humans. The problem can be acquired by direct contact with infected pets or by contact with objects that are contaminated with fungal spores. Pets can also get the infection from people with ringworm. Most cases of ringworm occur in young pets (below 2 years of age) because their immune systems are still developing. This is also true in pets whose immune systems are compromised. Some breeds have higher risks of contracting ringworm. These include Persian cats, German shorthaired pointers, and Yorkshire terriers to name a few. Affected pets experience hair loss, scabs, thick and scaly skin, as well as skin crusts. While ringworm infection in humans is characterized by persistent itching, this is not always the case in pets. 

Any problem affecting your pet’s skin and hair coat should be brought to the attention of your veterinarians Roanoke, VA


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