Tips To Deal With Scratching Behavior In Cats

Scratching on objects is a natural instinct for felines. It keeps their nails well-trimmed and is also used to mark territory. However, pet cats need to be shown that there are ‘legal’ scratching surfaces so they won’t destroy furniture or carpet with their habit. Installing a scratching post is one way to get your cat’s attention away from your couch or carpet. If he ignores the post and returns back to his favorite ‘illegal’ scratching surfaces, rub some catnip on the post to entice him. You can also use deterrents to make the spot unpleasant to your kitty and discourage him from scratching on your couch. Some of effective deterrents include placing double-sided tape, bubble wrap, or rubber nubs on the surfaces because cats find these uncomfortable to walk on. You can also drape a plastic shower curtain because cats hate stepping on smooth plastic. For more information about your cat's needs visit your veterinarian Portage, MI.


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